Fresh, Friendly and Affordable

One of my favourite things about Toronto is that it's an eaters paradise for those who love foods from around the world. Think of any country, and there is probably a place in this city where you can find that kind of food.

Bella Managua is the city's Nicaraguan offering. The restaurant is not in the nicest area and the decor won't win any design awards, but it is homey, colourful and very friendly. The staff here are happy to see newcomers and people who have never tried the food of Nicaragua. They will take the time to explain each dish and make sure everyone is satisfied. Every dish is good. I especially like the beef with onions. The shrimp in wine sauce is also a delicious meal. I am not fond of fish, but they serve a whole red snapper with an avocado salad that looks and tastes divine. They also serve an assortment of exotic juices and other beverages. The portions are huge and the prices are low, especially for dinner. I can easily recommend this restaurant as one of the city's friendliest best kept secrets.

Joshiewoshie, Toronto